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1020 Johnson`s Lane, Unit A2, Mississauga, Ontario

Dynamic Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre’s focus is to treating many different sports injuries.  However, we also treat many office workers, preganant women and manual workers who experience neck, back, knee, shoulder, foot pain, headaches etc…


Dynamic Chiropractic’s clinicians treats many athletes such as runners with soft tissue therapy like active release technique (ART), graston technique, medical acupuncture, yoga therapy, massage therapy, compression stockings and custom orthotics

Dr. Gerald Dumol is a Mississauga chiropractor and clinic director of Dynamic Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre, which is  located in the Clarkson, Mississauga area.  He focuses on getting his patients better quickly, and is not looking for that “life time patient”.  Dr. Dumol will try to find the root cause of his patient’s injuries, treat the injury with manual therapy and teach his patients exercises that will strengthen certain muscles that may be causing the problem.

Dr. Gerald Dumol is an experienced marathon runners and he knows how to treat runners who have experienced running injuries throughout their training season. Dr. Dumol also treats many office workers who spend many hours working on the computer and is experiencing a lot of neck pain and shoulder stiffness. Many pregnant women seek Dr. Dumol`s help for prenatal & post-natal care.  (more information)

Dr. Lisa Ramsackal is a Mississauga  chiropractor and ART provider.  She treats many athletes who have sports injuries, and finds that ART makes a huge impact on quick patient    recoveries.  Dr. Ramsackal is also a  medical acupuncturist.  She finds that this  modality is very beneficial for  pain management.  

Dr. Lisa Ramsackal is an active member of the Mississauga, Clarkson, Port  Credit and Streetsville community.   She provides education on  various health topics at Mississauga  community events and heath fairs.  Her mission is to provide patients  with the highest standard of  professional care in order to achieve  and maintain happy, healthy and  active lifestyles.  (more information)

Dr. Jennifer Mason has been trained in Active Release Techniques® (ART)® and Graston® soft tissue therapies.  She utilizes evidence-based, patient-centred treatment methods in order to provide her  Mississauga patients with the highest level of care.
Dr. Mason is an avid runner and weightlifter.  She trained and raced competitively for a decade and now participates in sports at a recreational level.  As such, she has experience with, and has a special interest in treating athletic injuries, ranging from repetitive strain to traumatic musculoskeletal injuries. (more information)
Through many therapeutic  endeavours, Dr. Gita Gupta gained first-hand experience of the profound healing power of chiropractic medicine, enabling her to bring enthusiasm and dedication to each of her patient’s treatment.  Dr. Gita Gupta’s is a Mississauga chiroprator & Graston practitioner.  She finds that many of  her patients respond quite well to Graston Soft Tissue Therapy.

Dr. Gita Gupta is also a Yoga Instructor.  She incorporates Yoga Therapy in her practice and appreciates the benefits that Yoga can bring to her patients. (more information)

Leslie LaRue is a Registered Massage Therapist who brings her warm and spirited disposition to every treatment.  She  has experience treating clients of all ages and conditions throughout Mississauga, Clarkson, Port Credit and Streetsville.  With a background teaching gymnastics in Mississauga and as a leader in a national youth organization, Leslie brings a passion to genuinely help people.  Leslie is definitely the therapist to call when searching Mississauga massage  therapy. (more information)

Maria Dumol is the clinic director who always welcomes our Mississauga patients with a joyful attitude and is prompt to solve any concerns that come our way.  An avid runner, reader and multi-tasker, Maria believes that challenges are what makes life interesting and meaningful. (more information)


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